Out of all the things that we want from any relationships (with friends, family, betterhalfs or someone else) perhaps, trust is the most susceptible belief that human has. Perhaps, it is the hardest to build but the easiest to break down. Trust is perhaps the most vital. But despite the fact that it’s something that we all want both in ourselves trusting others and others trusting us, it is one of the hardest things to be define.

According to Merriam-Webster, Trust \’trƏst\ is a belief that something is reliable, good, honest, effective, and such. One of the most important aspects of trust is to being able to place confidence in another person. Often this comes down to being able to tell someone a secret of some kind and knowing that they won’t reveal it to another soul. This is important, especially with friends, because we all have things we need to talk about but that we might not want shared with everyone. On other occasions, although not being the best thing that any of us do, it can mean telling someone else’s secret to a third person and knowing that they will not give away that you broke someone else’s confidence.

The other main aspect of trust is knowing that a person will always tell you the truth and not hide anything. This is often the biggest problem with trust with lovers, when one person will be hiding things from the other. This often leads to the suspicious person snooping around in their partner’s things, reading their text messages and emails, and even following them if they suspect that they are lying about where they are going. Often this problem is caused by another break of trust: cheating.

This happens to every person. I know lots of people have trust issues and have reasons for it. I do try to live by the “screw me once, shame on you; screw me twice, shame on me” motto. But, it’s really hard to trust when you’ve been betrayed by the ones who are supposed to put you first and to take care of you.

The other thing that keeps happening to me, I could have a friend for a long time who I start to believe is true, we share things with each other, become close as ever for a long time. Best of friends, and she tells you that she will always be there for you, but all of a sudden, “here comes a new comer named Lalaine (not her real name) and she’s all fun and friendly, much more exciting than me, so much more fun, so much more in common, lots to talk about, I have so much fun with Lalaine.” So, I got left out, while she goes and spends all her time with Lalaine, and gradually forgets my existence.

So, I came to realize that she was never a true friend; she was just keeping me until something better came along. The minute someone more interesting appears, I am dropped, and this is by someone who I thought was a real friend. Real friends don’t do that. I am not upset that she lied to me; I am upset that from now on I can’t believe her anymore.

Just like in the story “Small Key” by Paz Latorena, Pedro broke the trust of Soledad by not being loyal to her wife, still, he loves his late wife. But the fact that Pedro told Soledad that it was over between him and his late wife, and he love Soledad wholeheartedly, still, Soledad doubt and suspects about this feeling of Pedro. After the incident, trust between the two can no longer be healed, that the incident will remain like a silhouette in their lives.

But if we are talking about friends who you thought really are your friends, then you have been betrayed by every single one of them, in many different ways that are too much to list. After a long time of this pattern, you learn your lesson and develop skills, lessons that protect you from getting hurt again, simply by not trusting anyone, ever again. I can no longer give my trust to any person that easy, for me, it takes years and years to do that. Now, I can’t help but to eventually decide that true friends were really hard to find.

Feelings and actions obviously play a large role in trust. It is a feeling, an emotion, in the simplest form. If a person decided to break off a relationship with another in order to be in a more socially popular crowd, trust will more than likely be broken. As a result, pain comes along. And it is more than pain that surfaces too. In the event that trust is lost, one may experience confusion, disorientation, and extreme sadness or anger. One may see a friend that turned to be an enemy over the course of the day, and be left in the dark without knowing what really happened. They would be confused, wondering what caused such thing to happen.



Another Daren Aronofsky Film, I know US peeps, average rating is 7, that is out of 100 deputies.

Well, I beg to disagree for the 7 rating it definitely deserve a 9.5 rating, why? Let me tell you my side;

First, as a Filipino and as a born Roman Catholic now a Christian by choice, it is just mind blowing how the story has been told, to be honest i have never guessed that it was really about MOTHER EARTH! up until Jennifer Lawrence blew up everything and once again rebuilt by the character played by  Javier Bardem.  It just sink to my oh so beautiful brain that it is really about the Earth. “what are you?”, “I am I and You are you” that was the conversation between them,  when Javier held Jennifer in his arms and without any burn or scratch after the explosion.

Second, after my realization it goes back to me on how the stone changed the burnt house, the Creation! and then the man who suddenly showed up one lovely morning that thought their house is a bed and breakfast, and Javier let him in,  the night before the woman shows showing the man which is in my evaluation stands as “Adam” has a scratch or wound on his side and then following morning here comes his lovely wife that for my understanding portray as Eve,  in the bible “ he took one of the man’s ribs[g] and then closed up the place with flesh. Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” Genesis 2: 21-22,  of course in the movie Jennifer doesn’t want any visitors but Javier decided to keep them as long as they would want to stay.  after that the 2 visitors came fighting and one of them killed the other which for me portray as Cain and Abel. 

Third and most important impact for me is when She got pregnant and she delivered the baby,  there where gifts, provided and when He showed the people His child they’ve raised it up but the baby broke it’s neck because of the people then after she went to see the body of his dead baby, she saw that people are eating it! well if you take it literally it’s just gruesome and heart breaking! but if you’ll think about it it shows the tradition with Roman Catholic Eating and Drinking Body of Christ! so technically the baby portray Christ! and the most Important part is when there are war, there are some cult, worshiping the pictures of the poet, breaking stuffs, fighting, different sectors, well it’s just the modern day! and she or the role of Jennifer Lawrence is just really mad or let me say she’s not just mad but she is furious!  up until she decide to blew the whole house, meaning to say, anger mother earth and she will blew the whole thing but in the end there will still be love in her and He will rebuild it again.

While watching this movie with a genre of Psycho Horror, I thought that it is really a horror movie especially when the scene is in their basement and during the movie i thought to myself well it is not that creepy, and when everybody got crazy and worship the poet or his picture even his ink mark,  I thought, well that’s something, however it really didn’t sink in to me what does this story really tell, until the end of the movie and after the realization it’s just wowed me how Daren Aronofsky show the creation, the life, the Earth and the issues that we have today and how might we end up if we will not stop in making our Mother earth mad. it’s just brilliant! the story is brilliant and deserves a 9.5 rating I definitely recommend this movie.




Coffee lover ❤☕

Tried this new found coffee shop around the corner, the ambience is great, with fast Wi-Fi and great tasting coffee that I can say worth the price, has a smoking area at the back which is fully airconditioned as well.

The coffee is not that prizy, tried their house specialty which is Filipino Latte. I’m an avid fan of Seattle’s Best Coffee, like I go there everday but right now feeling the ambiece of this cafe and their coffee, I think I can no longer be faithful to SBC. 🤔

Well SBC is still my first love tried different cafe’s but no one stand out even the oohhh so famous Starbucks, don’t get me wrong their coffee is also wonderful but still I’d rather go to SBC but now, I think I will be a two timmer. 😂

Uniquely Beautiful

There are billion people here on earth, and each and everyone has different abilities, personalities, mannerism and so on…

I frequently asked myself when I was young, if people are really different then why do we found/ find person/s that is almost the same with us? Like “birds with the same feather flock together” thingy. 

Oh well, now I know, yeah you can find someone that almost, ALMOST like you but not perfectly and EXACTLY like you.

Every person is different, and has unique personality.

Beauty? Wisdom? Knowledge? Honesty? Good? Bad? It really is depending on the person who is judging and the norms that we have but really i do agree with every person that states that we are UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL.